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LandscapePro 2.10 For S60v3 Unsigned Cracked

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন নভেম্বর 22, 2008

LandscapePro v 2.10 is an application for auto-rotation screen from portrait to landscape mode , this application work well on Nokia N95 and N95 8GB and can rotate screen in 3 directions portrait, landscape 90* and landscape 270*(inverse normal landscape)

Why must be LandscapePro ?
LandscapePro have a difference concept designed from the other similar software by using a phone mechanism such as music slider ,keypad slider and server event on N95 . It’s help user for automatic disable/enable auto-rotation, safe battery , easy to use and fun.

– Auto-rotation screen as Nokia N82
– Automatic stop auto-rotaion system
– Rotate in 3 directions ( portrait , landscape 90* and landscape 270*)
– Battery safe (this application have many rotation mode help for safe your battery life)
– Magic gallery (simulate key pad in gallery mode look like an application name is Nokemote and RockNscroll, this function is help for searching a lot of images in picture gallery and use it same as slide show) see video demo
– Magic web auto scrolling down web page very very useful for viewing web page new feature!

Download Here For Free
Download Here For Free

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