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FromSMS 1.03 – Turn your S60 Device Into SMS Interface For Your Web Application

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন নভেম্বর 22, 2008

FromSMS v1.03{Turn your S60 device into SMS interface for your web application}
FromSMS Client 1.03 released – significantly improved performance in low-quality networks.

When your web application needs to send and/or receive SMS messages cost-efficiently, FromSMS is the solution for you. FromSMS offers a simple HTTPS POST interface for sending of SMS messages – all you need is an S60 mobile device with free FromSMS Client installed.

Using FromSMS you avoid issues related to SMS roaming – you select SIM card and operator you want to use for sending and receiving SMS messages.

To keep you in control of costs, you can restrict number of sent SMS messages in FromSMS Client. It also allows you to set blacklist and whitelist for recipient numbers. To decrease data costs, FromSMS Client can use WLAN connection to FromSMS Server.

In order to use FromSMS for sending out SMS messages:
* 1) Download and install FromSMS Client
2) Send HTTPS POST request with the following syntax:
acode = [account code given to you by FromSMS Client], for example “f8er95kztk98”
number = [phone number of the recipient], for example “+3461234567”
message = [SMS message content], for example “Hello world!”

Download Here For Free

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