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MobiLove 2.0 For All Mobile

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন অক্টোবর 28, 2008


Plutolife products are monetized by 3 different models; Premium Billed; Advertising Supported and Freemium (Mixture of advertising supported and premium billing). Over 53 operators and 65 partners currently offer Mobilove either white-labeled or as a stand-alone brand and all earning anywhere between $8 and 18 ARPU depending on the billing model.

Mobilove is a mobile dating service where users can post a personal profile with a picture, search and view other profiles, plus flirt, chat and email people they like, all over a simple user interface on their mobiles. Users can access it on the go, from anywhere at anytime and when it’s convenient for them. Mobilove brings people together! Many Mobilove chat-dates have lead to first dates, relationships and even marriages.
Cross-Platform Means Maximum Reach

Mobilove is a cross-platform service offered via SMS, MMS, WAP, and WEB. By offering the service over multiple platforms, partners maximize their market coverage, revenue potential and return on investment. Multiple platforms also ensures that the service is future proof and that revenue is protected from user migration from one platform to the next as they acquire the skills, and latest technology. For end-users the service is seamless between platforms, and they can select whichever platform suits their needs best.
Compatible with 1000’s of Phones

Mobilove has extensive handset compatibility. The service has been tested and used successfully on over 3000 handsets worldwide. This flexibility has been built into the service itself: Mobilove uses a special cross-layer technology that allows the service to easily be adapted and expanded to all new handsets introduced to the market. This factor once again maximizes audience reach, and earnings potential. It also means eliminating inefficiencies such as billing inaccuracies as the service will only be delivered to functioning handsets. Technical support inefficiencies are eliminated since the service is hassle-free from the start. For the end-user, compatibility also means ease of use as they will never have to know or enter their handset make or model, and should they upgrade their phone, the service will continue to function as expected.
Partner with the Experts

Plutolife has been the industry leader in Mobile Social Networking, Mobile Community and Mobile Dating platforms since 1999. Through experience, Mobilove has been steadily improved towards the optimum mobile dating user experience. Eight years of experience has also brought solid knowledge on how to do effective marketing campaigns and grow a mobile social community/ user base. Plutolife provides marketing communications support in the form of advertisement development and consultation. For partners this means the efficient use and placement of advertisement expenditure, and profit maximization
Shared Revenue Model

Mobilove uses a shared revenue model which ensures 100% partner commitment and limits investment risk. Over 53 operators and 65 partners currently offer Mobilove either white-labeled or as a stand-alone brand and all earning anywhere between $8 and 18 ARPU depending on the billing model. Implementation time is also a key partner success factor, as Mobilove can be quickly installed and earning partners new revenue from their mobile communities.
Mobilove is a proven revenue generator and lauded success with partners. It’s easy to use across multiple platforms and can therefore be made available to the maximum number of users on the maximum number of handsets. Plus Mobilove is supported with an experienced team, excellent marketing and advertising input, as well as quick installation time and delivery to market.

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