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Nokia Internet Radio Update 1.06

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন অগাষ্ট 31, 2008

More than just music
Choose from a large variety of stations and shows, including news, sporting events and music.

Discover and enjoy
Browse for your favorite radio programs by genre, language, or country, or search by station name.

Top stations
Explore the most popular stations and stay in touch with the mobile internet radio community.

Always with you
Nokia Internet Radio service is supported by both packet data and WLAN connections.

Download Here

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BH Sensor Launch 1.0

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন অগাষ্ট 29, 2008

BH Sensor Launch 1.0

Description: Launches applications by shaking the device. Supports only native Symbian apps, no Java midlets. The app can run in the background and when you need, let’s say contacts, just do a little shake and contact will open. Has optional notification to let you know when it’s detected a shake. Doesn’t detect shakes when keyboard is locked to prevent unwanted battery loss. Requires axyz and pykeylock.

Download Here

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ALON Software MP3 Dictaphone 2.87 S60v3 Cracked By Hspda

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন অগাষ্ট 29, 2008

ALON Software MP3 Dictaphone v2.87 S60v3-Keygen Hspda[Update]

ALON MP3 Dictaphone for S60 3rd Edition is the first high-quality MP3 dictaphone which also supports AMR and WAV audio formats for recording, phone calls recorder and MP3, OGG, AAC/MP4/M4A, AMR, WAV audio player which supports Internet radio, has 3-Band Parametric Equalizer , hot buttons and M3U playlists.

Now you receive three applications instead of one: voice dictaphone, phone calls recorder and music player!
You may easily turn your smartphone into advanced digital dictaphone and start to record lectures, conversations, interviews and phone calls. On the other hand you need not to spend money to music player – with ALON MP3 Dictaphone you can listen to your favourite music in MP3, OGG, AAC/MP4/M4A, AMR and WAV – the most popular audio formats.

Expanded opportunity of loading M3U playlists.
Sleeping time option for playback.
Improved option of choosing play folder.
Full support of Nokia E90.
Free Internet Radio! You may use Internet Radio for free even after ending of trial period!
An opportunity of sorting the files by title, extension, duration, size of the file.
Now you may select the types of files to be shown at playlist: MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC, MP4, M4A, AMR, WMA.


* You may add a station choosing right software button>Manage playlist>Add station.
* Or you may add stations from M3U Playlist.
* You may edit stations’ names after selecting required station and choosing “Rename”.

Now you receive three applications instead of one: voice dictaphone, phone calls recorder and music player which supports Internet radio!
You may easily turn your smartphone into advanced digital dictaphone and start to record lectures, conversations, interviews and phone calls. On the other hand you need not to spend money to music player – with ALON MP3 Dictaphone you can listen to your favourite music in MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC/MP4/M4A, AMR and WAV – the most popular audio formats.
NEW! Auto archive of recorded phone calls
Expanded support of sample rates for recording (from 8kHz to 48kHz depending on phone model)
Records phone calls WITHOUT BEEPS
Append option for recorded files
An opportunity of record phone calls in MP3 format
Expanded opportunity of loading M3U playlists
Sleeping time option for playback
Improved option of choosing play folder
Full support of Nokia E90
Improved Internet Radio
Free Internet Radio
An opportunity of sorting the files by title, extension, duration, size of the file.
You may select the types of files to be shown at playlist: MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC, MP4, M4A, AMR, WMA.
Now support WMA format!
Improved interface
Recording with higher quality
An opportunity of sending files
“Phone calls” which gives opportunity to show the list of recorded phone calls.
“Refresh” allows to refresh current playfolder. AUDIO RECORDER

* First MP3 Recorder for Nokia S60 3rd Edition!
* Multilingual support: German, French, Greek, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Serbian, Spanish, Polish languages.
* Two types of gain control besides automatic: during the recording you may adjust the recording level manually by using Joystick as well as you change the volume during listening to music; also you may choose one of four positions of microphone gain before recording.
* ALON MP3 Dictapone allows you to save lots of memory space by keeping you recordings in MP3 – the most popular audio format.
* You may record to any location of your phone including memory card and create new folder.
* You can move, rename, delete and send your recordings.


* Support AMR and WAV audio formats.
* Two types of call recording: automatic and manual.
* You may record both to memory card and internal menory.


* Pause and resume playback during/after incoming calls. You can keep listening to music.
* You may choose any folder and all subfolders from any location on your phone for playback.
* Dictaphone gives opportunity to organize your own music library by creating the folders with your favourite tracks using the possibilities of moving, renaming and deleting tracks.
* You may choose the way of playing the list: Play track, Play list, Loop track, Loop playlist, Randomize.
* You may choose the way of positioning the tracks at the list: showing the beginning or the end.

M3U Playlists

Dictaphone supports M3U playlists. You may both use Winamp playlists on your smartphone and use playlists created on your smartphone at Winamp.


You may sign all actions such as play, stop, pause, forward rewind, back rewind, on/off equalizers, switching between playlist and equalizer to hardware buttons.

3-Band Parametric Equalizer for all supported audio formats gives opportunity to adjust playback as you like.
Dictaphone saves your presettings for equalizer. You may adjust playback as you want and don’t use equalizer at the next time.

Download Here

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Nokia Enhanced Calculator 1.09 J2me

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন অগাষ্ট 29, 2008

Tired with the age-old Nokia S60 calculator? Here is a new one with advanced features and improved usability.

Key features:
– Standard calculator
– Scientific calculator
– Loan calculator

In essence, this is the same calculator application that is pre-installed in several Nokia phones based on Series 40. The purpose of this beta trial is to evaluate whether or not to replace the standard S60 calculator with the one used in Series 40.

Download Here

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Auto Call Back 0.11 Opensigned [Save Money By Automatically Calling Back]

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন অগাষ্ট 29, 2008

Auto Call Back v0.11 opensigned[Save money by automatically calling back] update 29/8

Lately, all inclusive tariffs for mobile phone calls have become very popular in many countries. For a higher fixed base fee, you get 1000 or more minutes per month included, with no additional time-related costs.

On the other hand, there are still pre-paid cards with no base fee at all, but with very high costs per minute. Among friends or in a family, it often doesn’t make sense that everyone gets one of the more expensive tariff variants.

As a result, if two people with those two different tariff models want to talk to each other, it only makes sense if the all-inclusive person calls the other one, in order to avoid additional expenses.

If the pre-paid person wants to start the call however, the all-inclusive person should discard it and then call back. Only then no additional costs have to be paid. Unfortunately, this method has got several disadvantages. First, the all-inclusive person always has to be careful whether he should accept incoming calls or call back. Second, it’s more work for both persons. And third, it takes quite some time until the call is established.

Auto Call Back
The process described above is automatically handled by Auto Call Back – if activated, the application discards calls from people in a special contacts group and then establishes a call back.

The all-inclusive-person has to start the application on his phone. Next, he simply puts all people from his contact database that should be called back into an auto call-back contacts group. Whenever a contact from this group now establishes a call, it is automatically discarded by the application. Afterwards, the number is immediately called back.

From the point of view of the pre-paid person, it’s equally easy to use. He builds the call to the all-inclusive person and then just waits until he can press the green key to answer the call-back.

please sign it with your developer certificate or through the open signed process

Download Here

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Epocware Handy Calendar 2.00 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Cracked By HSpda

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন অগাষ্ট 29, 2008

New features:

In this version we’ve fixed some bugs and introduced new small features!

As far as “Colored categories” goes, we are in doubt to add this feature to the current release. It’s a lot of work to do. We’ll think about adding this functionality to the next release.

Handy Calendar has several views: Month, Week, Day, and Tasks.
Month and Week views show all your meetings and events at a glance. Event and birthday icons remind you about the upcoming events. Busy bars in Week view and dots in Month view help you to quickly estimate your day workload.

Day view shows a detailed list of entries for the current day. The time scale at the top shows your busy hours and prevents you from overcommitting your schedule.

Task view shows all your tasks. You can sort them by due date, subject or priority. You can filter your tasks using predefined filters: all, active, overdue, today, next 7 days, undated and complete.
You can open and preview any meeting or task from Day and Tasks views. Preview shows all the details of the current entry. Contact names, phone numbers, e-mails and URLs are recognized and highlighted. They can be used directly from Handy Calendar (e.g. you can call to meeting attendees).

Epocware Handy Calendar v2.00 beta 4 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 incl Keygen-HSpda [30-08-08]

With Handy Calendar you can edit and create entries of the following types: anniversaries, all day events, tasks, appointments and reminders. Tabbed interface allows you to easily edit any entry detail from alarm settings up to comprehensive repeating rules.

Handy Calendar has many unique features, which will help you to increase your productivity:

* Hot keys for all important operations to speed up your work on keyboard devices;
* Settings to personalize all views and application behavior;
* Zooming text size in all views for better visibility and lager screen capacity;
* Insert contact/message/location/note functions for composing your entries.

Handy Calendar uses the same database as built-in Calendar application. This allows you to synchronize Handy Calendar entries with Outlook entries and vice versa.
Want to organize your business and private life – HC is the best companion.

Download Here

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PiipTv – Plugin For Mediaportal

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন অগাষ্ট 29, 2008

PiipTv v0.5.7.1 – plugin for Mediaportal [Updated 28th August 08]

PiipTv provides great XMLTV / IPTV experience to your Nokia N95 / N95 8gb / N82 / E90 / E51 phone using Videocenter build-in client in Nokia phone.

MediaPortal is an Open Source application ideal for turning your PC / TV into a very advanced Media Center. MediaPortal allows you to listen to your favorite music & radio, watch and store your videos and DVDs, view, schedule and record live TV as a digital video recorder and much, much more.

Plugin features:- FREE no costs
– Works globally: where IP – there PiipTV
– Operator independent!
– plugin can be used over GPRS / 3G / WLAN
– plugin provides LiveTV feature, Live TV can be used eg when travelling abroad or in city bus.

Watch LiveTV on GO!- LiveTV function includes EPG program guide in XML-format
– you can set reminders to your mobile phone for your favourite TV-shows
– also channel icons are used
– plugin can be used also with PC, eg with VLC player
– You can activate & schedule recordings from your cellular phone (programs are recorded to your PC)
– Recorded TV shows can be viewed later from phone Videocenter application using PiipTv plugin. There are two ways to watch programs, streaming mode and download mode. When you want to save disk space from phone and you have network connection, use streaming mode. Download mode can be used when you don’t have online network connection. In download VOD-mode clips can be downloaded to phone from MRSS feed eg. using Videocenter shedule option, during night time.

– PC with Windows OS
– TV card supported by Mediaportal
– Internet connection
– Nokia phone with Videocenter application

What’s New in This Release:
+ Fixed recording with RC2, MP fix caused some turbulence to piipTV recording with RC2 (RC1 was working fine)
+”Manage account” -option found from Video center! You need to install service again to phone (click link in web -UI) and install service to phone. Then open ‘piipTV live’ and from Options menu select “Manage account” this is fast shortcut to WEB UI
+ Improved mpeg4 clip convertion start detection
+ Added time-out for RTSP connection if data not received with UDP streaming
+ Shows now “Active card” in plugin UI

Download Here

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Smartphoneware Best Alarms 1.04 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Cracked

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন অগাষ্ট 29, 2008

Smartphoneware Best Alarms v1.04 S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 Cracked by Foolman

Best Alarms has a simple and intuitive user interface allowing to quickly start using the application. All commands for alarms management such as Edit/Delete/Enable/Disable can be found in application’s menu. To edit an alarm simply click on it with joystick.

Last updated: Aug 21, 2008


* Creating more than one alarm;
* Setting various reoccurrence period of the alarm, such as: once, next 24 hour, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Workday;
* When creating an alarm, you can use a message for the new alarm from the list of most frequently used messages;
* An alarm can be deactivated and then activated again, it allows creating templates of frequently used alarms;
* The list of alarms has a “New alarm” entry allowing to create the new alarm with simple joystick click;
* The application works with system alarm server, which allows the alarms to go off even when BestAlarms is not running.

Download Here

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Locago 0.9.6 – Explore & Navigate

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন অগাষ্ট 28, 2008

Browse your favorite content on a map – Wikipedia articles, Flickr images, Yellow pages and much more.

Locago delivers you a content-filled experience of your surroundings and allows you to search, explore and navigate on your mobile map. With Locago you browse your favorite content on the map; Wikipedia articles, Flickr images, Yellow pages and much more. Locago and the base content is a free service for mobile consumers, ideal for applications such as real estate listing, travel guides, friend tracking and local news services.

Download Here

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La Vella Mobile Radio

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন অগাষ্ট 28, 2008

Why La Vella Mobile Radio?

1. On the Go Access to Hundreds of stations

With the La Vella Mobile Radio player you will have access to hundreds of streaming radio stations right in the palm of your hand. Imagine the ability to grab your mobile phone, load a favorite station that you would not be able to hear on traditional FM or Satellite radio, and listen to digital clarity wherever you are!

2. Digital Audio Clarity

La Vella Mobile Radio player brings you the best quality digital streams, compressed and delivered to the La Vella Mobile Radio application. You won’t believe the digital clarity you will receive on your mobile phone. You really have to hear to believe!

3. Immediate Connection to Global Radio

With our application, you can instantly connect to digital radio stations from around the world! Put away that satellite radio, turn off the FM receiver, it’s time to go global and listen to stations that you could never get otherwise!

4. Easy to Use

The La Vella Mobile Radio player is very easy to use! Launch the application (the program will update itself with the newest play list); from the main menu, you can decide to Log In (for fullACCESS) or try the free stations. Once you are logged in, you can select ‘Radio Stations’ and choose your favorite category. Find a great station and click on it! The player screen will load your station and play it for you. Simple and fun! If you love the station add it to your My Favorites area for easy play.

5. Wide Handset Support

La Vella Mobile Radio currently supports a very wide selection of handsets and PDA’s. Currently we offer several versions of our application, based on Windows Mobile (pocket PC and smartphone); Nokia Symbian Software; Samsung Symbian Software; and Java Mobile. \With such high compatibility, you can be sure that your handset will be able to easily use our application.

Keep checking back for updates to our player. We are busy programming our software for each phone brand. Now that we have Windows Mobile, Nokia, Samsung and Java, we are busy working on versions for Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and more!

The software is always free so feel free to check back and upgrade.

6. Secure

The mobile player does not pass over any mobile or private information and we do not track your listening habits, it is simply a player that accesses streamed audio content. You can rest assured that your information is always safe and secure.

7. Use Your Log In for Multiple Phones or a New Handset Purchase

We know that many people buy new phones quite often, or even have several handsets that they switch between every few months! With our fullACCESS pass, you can use your login with every phone that you own. The software is always free, so you can download La Vella Mobile Radio to every phone that you have, and any new ones that you buy! Use the same login that you registered with and you are instantly listening to digital radio.

Download Here

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