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Posted by rajubd চালু করুন জুলাই 31, 2008

What is mig33?

Mig33 is a global mobile community that lets you keep in touch with friends and family through a variety of online services, right on your mobile phone.

With mig33, you can chat and send instant messages and emails, make inexpensive international phone calls, share photos, connect with old friends and even meet new ones. Think of it as an addition to your phone’s existing service.
What you get with mig33

Suddenly, you’ll have an array of services to help you stay connected and save money, all in the palm of your hand.

Photo Sharing

Mobile Web
Rewards for inviting friends
And more
Use your IM (MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ , AOL, Google Talk, SMS, to name a few)

Share Photos
Make inexpensive international phone calls
Send cheap international SMS
And more

Download Here – Go wap.mig33.com By Mobile

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Nokia Field Test

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন জুলাই 31, 2008

Nokia Field Test
you need fone unlock!!

Field Test Phone ( FTD ) is a portable tool for verification, maintenance and troubleshooting of
mobile networks as well as for basic cell planning tasks.
Its small size and powerful testing feature make it a convenient tool for day to day monitoring of all M&VUo9_Wb
GSM – GPRS / EDGE and future UMTS – WCDMA networks.

what you can check with FTD phone: ?

Full GSM signaling which can be visible to network operator:
Information on the serving cell: – Hoping, Channel carrier number, RX level, TX power levels, Rx quality, Time Slot, Timing advance, Radio Link Timeout, C1, C2, Currently used band, Type of current channel…
Information on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th neighbours.
Network selection display.
System information bits for the service cell.
Paging repeat period, TMSI, periodic location update.
Network parameters.
Ciphering, hoping DTX status and IMSI.
Uplink DTX switching display.
BTS-TEST carrier: lock / unlock on one BTS frequency.
Toggle cell barred status.
Select which band to use: GSM 900 – GSM 1800 – GSM 1900

Full GPRS signaling displays:
Information on the current GPRS state and previous TBF configuration:
– Hoping, Channel carrier number, RX level, Timing advance, Downlink time slot, Uplink time slot, Channel coding scheme downlink/uplink, Timing advance index, TFI and MAC mode for TBF config, Type of current channel, UFS values…
Previous UL TBF establishment.
Information on the GMM state.
Values of P-TMSI, RAC, SMS radio priority, Ciphering and Non-DRX parameters.
GPRS Network parameters.
Packet control channel parameters.
Packet system information parameters.
GPRS information on the serving cell and neighbors

Download Here

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Google Maps S60V3 With Public Transport Timetables In 60 Cities Worldwide

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন জুলাই 31, 2008

Google Maps v2.2.0.11 with public transport timetables in 60 cities worldwide 31/7/08

The biggest mobile mapping app in the world (sorry, Nokia Maps, we love you too) just got a new S60 release, to version 2.2, with public transport timetables in 60 cities worldwide, faster search results, star ratings for businesses and other user-generated content. What are you waiting for? Read on for some illustrated example of new functionality.

get maps, local business listings, driving directions, and satellite imagery — all on your phone.
Google Maps is free from Google, but it’s a data-intensive app. We recommend an unlimited data plan.
To access Maps after download, look for the compass icon in your Applications folder.

New! Transit directions on your phone

Download Here

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UCWEB6 English Version for J2me

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন জুলাই 31, 2008

UCWEB6 English Version for Java – Out Now! (2008.7.30)

The latest English version of UCWEB6 for Java MIDP2.0 platform is available now! Try it at once and tell us what you think about it~~

UCWEB6 Generic Version for Java MIDP2.0 platform is available

New features

Faster than ever before

Our servers were upgraded to bring you better browsing experience. Now you can access to Web sits as Google, Wap sites as 3g.qq.com, and any of your favorite websites faster, with Desktop-like speeds.

More stable performance

We’ve improved the performance of multi-windows browsing, now you can open several pages in different windows and switch among them smoothly and stably.

Get to your Web/Wap sites faster

When typing Web addresses, UCWEB6 will recognize and suggest completions for you based on your browsing history, making address input faster and easier. What’s more, you can access to your favorite Web/WAP sites by selecting them in History in Start Page or Bookmarks if you’ve added a bookmark.

Brand new Start Page and Bookmarks Management

A new sidebar was added in Start Page. With it you can switch between network browsing and bookmarks management easily. Bookmarks management includes the functions of bookmarks importing/exporting, which makes your backup of bookmarks conveniently.

Download/upload files and powerful download management

With file transfer resuming, downloading and uploading large files are no longer problems at all. You can download or upload files just in UCWEB6, without being re-routed to your phone’s built-in browser. Meanwhile UCWEB6 offers a powerful download management and now you can restart or cancel your downloading, open or rename your downloaded file, change download settings easily and conveniently.

More skins

Several different skins are offered in this release. You can change different skins in different occasions as you like.

Download Here

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mEarth 4.03 – Satellite Images of Earth

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন জুলাই 31, 2008

mEarth v4.03 – Satellite Images of Earth ¤updated¤

mEarth is family Java applications for mobile phones. With mEarth you see Earth maps and satellite images, 2D and 3D, USA topographic maps and images, find Geo places, use chat room, driving directions, find nearby, weather.

To work with mEarth, you need to register:


Download Here

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Calibrator 1.8 – Cell Info & More

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন জুলাই 31, 2008

Calibrator v. 1.8 – Cell Info & More *updated*

Calibrator works out your phone`s capabilities and what software it supports. You can also review your phone and tell everyone what you think of it so others can find it helpful.

There are 2 types of benchmark:

1. Optimised
This is a full service which will benchmark all facilities. If you have problems with this benchmark, use basic.

2. Basic
This will benchmark the basics.
Please Note: You should try Optimised first and only use Basic if Optimised doesn`t work.

Once you post your benchmark you will get a link to the web page to see all the results.

New phones (MIDP 2.0) should download Calibrator2.jar and

Older phones (MIDP 1.0) should download Calibrator1.jar


v1.2 – 26 June 06 – More JSR API packages recognised
The Calibrator has been updated and now searches for packages from:
JSR 113 Java Speech API 2.0 Public Review Draft
JSR 172 J2METM Web Services Specification
JSR 180 SIP API for J2ME
JSR 186 Presence
JSR 190 Event Tracking API for J2ME
JSR 219 Foundation Profile Implementation 1.1 FR
JSR 226 Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API for J2ME 1.1 Maintenance Release
JSR 229 Payment API
JSR 232 Mobile Operational Management 1.0 EDR
JSR 239 Java Bindings for OpenGL ES 1.0 PFD
JSR 242 Digital Set Top Box Profile – “On Ramp to OCAP” 1.0
JSR 256 Mobile Sensor API 1.0
JSR 272 Mobile Broadcast Service API
JSR 278 Resource Management API

v1.3 – 29 June 2006 Small RMS fix and mms,udp,ftp,screen protocols recognition added
v1.4 Sep 2006 Minor format fix
v1.5 RMS max size recognised
v1.6 Jan 2007 New JSR recognised:
JSR 271 Mobile Information Device Profile 3
JSR 280 XML API for JavaTM ME
JSR 281 IMS Services API
JSR 287 Scalable 2D Vector Graphics API 2.0 for Java ME
JSR 293 Location API 2.0

v1.7 Aug 2007 New JSR recognised:
JSR 279 Service Connection API for JavaTM ME
JSR 290 JavaTM Language & XML User Interface Markup Integration
JSR 297 Mobile 3D Graphics API 2.0
JSR 298 Telematics API for JavaTM ME
v1.71 Sep 2007
Small patch in the library recognition
v1.8 Jan 2008
New properties recognised
v1.8 Apr 2008
New SE properties recognised
v1.9 Jul 2008
Sprint Extensions API 2.1 & 2.2 added

Download Calibrator2 Here

Download Calibrator1 Here

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Posted by rajubd চালু করুন জুলাই 31, 2008

This anti-blur camera application can detect camera shake and it will automatically determine the best moment to capture the image using the build-in accelerometer. In additional, this appliation allows user to upload the captured images to glogger instantly

What’s New in 1.03?

1) Improved the image stablization algorithm, now the algorithm is more robust to gentle camera shakes.
2) Improved the general notification and display text.
3) Fixed the bugs for not displaying ‘Transaction Completed’ message after image uploaded.
4) Reduced the image size for faster processing and uploading.
5) Fixed numerous minor bugs and improved stability and performance in general.

What’s New in Glogger VS2 1.2:

1. Added in anti-blur algorithm. The application will hold off the camera shutter until the camera is steady. That is, the camera will wait until the acceleromter returns a small change in G-force.
2. Added in the upload status. (very briefy still)
3. Added in Access Point selection dialog prompt.

Download Here

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Nice Shaker for s60v3

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন জুলাই 31, 2008

Nice Shaker for s60v3

Ahh, summer days, it’s too hot outside to breathe, you’re sitting at home and dreaming about snow that softly falling down? Well dream no more.

Damian is definitely one of the most creative and productive Python developer nowadays and he just released another funny accelerometer based application.

Nice Shaker is the virtual snowglobe that allows you put a virtual snowglobe on your and use it as a nice decoration for your phone, as another accelerometer based tool to impress your friend

Download Here

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UCWeb browser 6.01 English version

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন জুলাই 30, 2008

UCWeb browser 6.01 English version 30/07/08

Upgrading to a new interesting Wap/Web- browser for smartphones.
The program can store Web pages for viewing them in offline mode in UHTM or TXT format. UCWEB loads the page, and then actually stops the flow of data until the data transfer is not required again.Also this browser can open pages that some browsers for S60 simply did not show.


— High speed

— Added autocompletion addresses

— A download manager

— Full access to the file system smartphone

— Small expense operativki

— Ability to compress traffic through its own Proxy

— Great opportunities settings appearance (fonts, background, the type of page)

— Full support Java Scripts and Cookies

— A secure connection, and many others

Download Here

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Movly 1.01 – Free Mobile Movie Trailers in 3gp and Mp4 format

Posted by rajubd চালু করুন জুলাই 30, 2008

Movly v1.01 – Free Mobile Movie Trailers in 3gp and Mp4 format

Movly v1.01

Get all the latest trailers at Movly for your mobile phones and other mobile gadgets you might use such as ipod touch, PSP, PDA, portable movie players…

Watch latest movie trailers in 3gp or mp4 format for free, download free movie posters and wallpapers, read and write reviews of your favorite movies, chat on movie forums, check out the latest box office numbers, latest Hollywood news and celebrity gossip

If for some reason this simple j2me application doesn’t work on your mobile phone you can still get all the movie trailers on your mobile phone by pointing your mobile or web browser to http://www.movly.com and you can download all the trailers and wallpapers directly to your mobile phone or any other mobile gadged

Download From Here – http://www.movly.com

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